Leonardo Varuzza's Site

About Me

I'm a bioinformatician working in bioinformatics support for NGS sequencers of Life Technologies. I have a graduation in Physics and a PhD on Bioinformatics, both from USP.

This page is my humble site. Instead of using some platform or hosted solution, I just decided to go in the hard way and create an ec2 instance to host this page. Actually, you can't find much stuff in this site, only a bunch of links for my presence in the web.

Bioinformatics Lecture Notes

I have been working in lectures notes for NGS analysis, specially for Ion Torrent PGM sequencer. The PDF file is available here: apostila.pdf (sorry, only in portuguese).

Other projects

During my PhD I developed the kempbasu program for testing differencial expression in Digital Gene expression Experiments like SAGE. The software is available here: KempBasu Page. I also created the simcluster program to cluster samples based on their gene expression profiles. The software is availabe at USP and at The Institute for Systems Biology.


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